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Give us a short intro about yourself and what brings you to 643!


Postby nyislesfan » 2021-Apr-Thu-10-04

whats up all, new here. just started collecting again over the past 1-2 months, huge isles fan!
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Postby johnnycanuck3 » 2021-Apr-Thu-10-04

Hey nyislesfan! Welcome to 643! I think you'll find that you will really enjoy the breaks here. They guys who show up on line are friendly and talkative in the chat. And the breakers are awesome! You'll find that currently most of the breaks are being done by a guy named Andrew; there are more breakers, but a couple of them are currently taking a break as they adjust to the challenges of the shortened season and, of course, the way that covid has affected everything...

You'll find that the breaks here, both auction and BINs, besides being some of the lowest priced I've ever seen anywhere, also offer an abundance of bonuses, prizes and contests.

Andrew does an auction every Tuesday night at 10:30 pm EST, with the break following at, (or shortly after), 11:00 pm EST. He also posts a BIN (Buy It Now) break every Tuesday at 11:00 PM EST; that bin will break after it sells out. Sometimes that BIN break might be done on Friday evening; more usually the following Tuesday after the auction break.
There are also currently several other breaks posted, including a jersey break, a 2020-21 Black Diamond random team case break, and a Mini Bin - which is for spots in the 2020-21 Black Diamond case break.
You'll find with Andrew's breaks, both auctions and bins, that there are different contests going on where you can earn points, with the winners, (usually 8-10 winners per contest, sometimes more), being able to choose from prizes that really are quite amazing. And there are also other bonus rewards you can earn while participating in breaks.

Of course, for all these breaks you can find them posted on, which you probably already know.

Another breaker that you'll meet eventually, is Ty, the "godfather" of 643, who is currently on a sabbatical. He also provides a number of bonuses, contests and prizes with his breaks. Probably the most popular is the annual NHL hockey pool. Prior to the start of each season, as members participate in breaks, they are able to earn different NHL players for their hockey pool roster. During the season they use the players they have acquired to field a team and earn points for the players' performance throughout the season. The prizes for the hockey pool are, quite frankly, amazing. First place gets 2 tickets to an NHL game for their home town team, as well as first pick from a great list of prizes, including autographed NHL jerseys. Although it's too late to get into this year's pool, here's a link to a list of the prizes we're competing for this year: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=5338&p=70044#p70044

On top of all that, there is an ongoing overall participation bonus for the top members. A portion from every break is set aside and is used for prizes, (usually premium boxes), for special bonus breaks for the top members.

You'll find that members also are amenable to trading cards with each other, so as an Isles fan, (and I think you may be the only one currently), you may well be able to make trades to get some nice additions to your collection.

As for me, I'm not a breaker myself, just a member of the 643 family, and have been since June, 2014. Quite frankly, I've enjoyed 643 so much, that since 2014 I've pretty much exclusively only participated on breaks here.

Anyway, once again, welcome! Hope you find that you enjoy 643 as much as I do. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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Postby teeks643 » 2021-May-Mon-09-05

Thanks for the introduction Bryan, and welcome here NYIslesfan!!
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