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Explain Your Name

Give us a short intro about yourself and what brings you to 643!

Re: Explain Your Name

Postby teeks643 » 2016-Feb-Thu-09-02

lennoxmatt wrote:My name is Matthew and I live in Lennoxville. Hence lennoxmatt. I obviously have a serious lack of imagination.

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Re: Explain Your Name

Postby ThomStark223 » 2016-Mar-Sun-06-03

My nick stuck with me from my gaming days, back when I was a young kid. I'm not really proud of it when I think about it haha
So Thom is my name, 'stark' is the german for 'strong' or 'powerful' (my mom is from Germany, hence I know a little) and to top it off, 223 spells out 'ace' on an old phone keypad... so yeah.. I'm like a powerful ace or something lol
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Re: Explain Your Name

Postby fotso » 2019-Nov-Tue-05-11

Mine is from the good old Lindros and LeClair days in Phili. 716 is for Buffalo, the greatest city ever. Wings, Sports, snow, and no major championship
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