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643 Hockey Cards for Trade!

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643 Hockey Cards for Trade!

Postby johnnycanuck3 » 2019-Jul-Wed-05-07

Hello fellow 643 folks! Trust you are all doing well!

I have a few doubles of 643 Hockey cards that I'm looking to trade with other 643 members. So if you're interested, please get in touch, either here on the forum, or you can e-mail me, or catch me on the 643boxbreaks site during a break.

The cards I have available to trade are:

1. The Godfather Autograph Part II - #5/10 -autographed by the one and only Godfather, Ty!
2. 643 Members Only Signatures - #06/10 - autographed by The Real Kennedy
3. 643 Monikers - #5/8 - autographed by Dawkins 74
4. 643 Fan Favourite Signatures - #07/10 - autographed by Matt Lennox
5. 643 Members Only Signatures - #09/10 - autographed by NJDevilsman

I think I have just about every members autographed card, so I'd be interested in trading for any doubles you may have of the various NHL players Ty has got to sign on 643 cards.


Bryan Dirks
aka JohnnyCanuck3
aka Bullwinkle
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