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Baseball Fantasy League

PostPosted: 2013-May-Tue-10-05
by JehRoss
Long story short...10 Manager league.1 guy that used to work for me (that I fired) didn't pay his buy-in ($50) so now I'm selling his team. He was in 2nd (hes drifted towards the bottom since he hasn't been able to update his roster)

$50 buys his team,

Buster Posey

Adrian Gonzalez

Ben Zobrist

Miguel Cabrera

J.J. Hardy

Carlos Beltran

Hunter Pence

Dexter Fowler

Adam Dunn

Todd Frazier

Andre Ethier

Nick Swisher

Emilio Bonifacio

David Murphy

Jason Kubel

Zack Greinke

Barry Zito

Mariano Rivera

Rafael Betancourt

Tyler Clippard

Joaquin Benoit

Carlos Marmol

A.J. Burnett

C.J. Wilson

Jered Weaver

Paul Maholm

Josh Beckett

CC Sabathia

Jason Motte

Pretty competitive league, 1st,2nd and 3rd pay.

Let me know if your interested