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Topps Chrome Blaster and 3 Rack Packs

PostPosted: 2011-Nov-Fri-04-11
by rebornempowered
Somebody has to post in the football section of the forum so it might as well be me. ;)

The reports of hits in Topps Chrome retail have been crazy. My biggest hit was a tier 2 auto from a rack pack a few weeks back. I got paid by a guitar student a few days ago and so I splurged to see what I could acquire to trade with. Here are the results.

Serialed Refractors

Orange Refractors

Regular Refractors



Thanks for looking.

I don't think I did too bad considering the BV of the cards exceeds what was paid for the packs. A lot of the Xractors are of popular players and I should be able to trade them relatively easily.