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Teeks Leveled Bonus System for Auction Breaks

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Teeks Leveled Bonus System for Auction Breaks

Postby teeks643 » 2018-Jun-Sun-08-06

Auction Breaks require the seller to balance a number of factors; listing boxes that members are interested in bidding on, providing bonuses that make a break unique or enjoyable, while not losing money on a break at the same time. In an effort to balance all of these factors, I am going to be moving forward with a level system for my auction box breaks. It will work as follows:

The bids for each break will determine the level of bonuses that will be associated with the Break. At the beginning of each auction box break, I will announce which of the following levels the break will be.

Level 3 Box Break
This is your classic 643 "When the Bids Go High, the Bonuses Fly" scenario
A Level 3 Box Break is one where bids are high enough that they cover the cost of the box, shipping, a modest commission, the regular 10 Teeks bonuses, but also go above and beyond, in which case I will provide additional bonuses via the Roll Call bonus. These additional bonuses could be bonus cards, spots in a BIN Break, etc.

Level 2 Box Break
In this scenario, bids are sufficient for covering the cost of the box, shipping, a modest commission, plus the regular 10 Teeks Bonuses.

Level 1 Box Break
In this scenario, we may be using a more expensive product or bids are low on a particular night. In this case, the bids are hopefully still able to cover the cost of the box, shipping, plus the following number of more basic bonuses while still allowing the seller to at least break even on the box break:

1) 3+ Team Hockey Pool Roster Player or Stock
2) 5+ Team Pack Wars Satellite Chance
3) Space Race Bonus for 643 Collector Card
4) Light the Lamp Roster Player or Stock
5) Breaking Bad Roster Player or Stock
6) 3-Stars Roster Player Bonus

This new system will result in me posting a wider variety of newer products in my auction breaks,
and hopefully increasing the level of enjoyment for you the 643 member.
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