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Clearcut Case

PostPosted: 2019-Sep-Mon-12-09
by Flyer970hunny
Hey Guys,

I have a 15 box case of 18-19 CLEARCUT coming in. These boxes have 1 Autograph Card per box (similar to Splendor)

Would you like to see it as a team select break?

A hit draft (15 spots - random the list a minimum dice roll of 5 times then draft in the order from top to bottom - everyone gets a hit)

Team random break?

Team random with a 24 hour trade window?

Re: Clearcut Case

PostPosted: 2019-Sep-Mon-07-09
by Bummerboy
Team Random break with a 24 hour window.

Re: Clearcut Case

PostPosted: 2020-Jan-Sun-11-01
by DarksideTrin
is this the one i bought into in oct? was it run? video?