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Hello from Latvia!

PostPosted: 2016-Jan-Mon-11-01
by Oscars-Cards
Hello fellow breakers, fans and members. My name is Oskars and I'm from Latvia.
I can't remember how I found in the internet, but I do know that I have choose the best boxbreakers available in the internet.
Well, previously I was know as catcorpse and I participated in few boxbreaks some year and a half back but I left it, because I was buying and collecting cards and I didn't have spare hard earned dollars to participate.
Well, while I was away I have created a homepage and collected a great collection of Latvian NHL player cards.

By the way, from the third boxbreak this year i got a - 2015-16 ITG Stickwork Lumbergraphs #LGGA Gene Achtynichuk /1. Well, a noname player, but still pretty cool huh?


Re: Hello from Latvia!

PostPosted: 2016-Jan-Mon-02-01
by Eldonko
Hey there, welcome!!

Re: Hello from Latvia!

PostPosted: 2016-Jan-Mon-05-01
by Subterfuge
welcome! and yeah we were discussing that card for a while when it was pulled on the channel, very cool!