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Kepper Saying Hello!

Give us a short intro about yourself and what brings you to 643!

Kepper Saying Hello!

Postby kepper » 2014-Jul-Fri-08-07

Hello All,

I finally have got on the board. I'm a sports junkie in general but love my Philly teams.

I have been collecting since I was a kid, so I have a rather large collection. I love breaks and found 643 and feel in love with it.

I am open to trades, however I need to get my collection organized.

Keith Primeau is probably my favorite player of all time.
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Re: Kepper Saying Hello!

Postby teeks643 » 2014-Jul-Fri-10-07

Welcome to the Boards Kepper! Great to hear you're enjoying the Breaks and now have found your way to the boards as well.

I am pretty sure I have a Keith Primeau Silhouette kicking around somewhere (albeit in a Hurricanes jersey), I'll look into it.

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