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Fantasy Keeper League

PostPosted: 2018-Oct-Tue-04-10
by Flyer970hunny
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for 3 people to take over teams in a Fantasy Keeper league. The draft is Thursday night so I would need to know fairly quickly if you are interested. $20 entry fee winner takes all at the end of the year. There are 14 teams pending we find 3 guys.

This is a keeper league so there are players on the rosters from last year, you would get to select 5 to keep or drop all and draft a blank team. I can post the current teams and if you are first to join you can grab what ever team you like.

This is a ESPN fantasy league. So you have to set your lineups and manage you IR.

Let me know if you are interested. It has been a lot of fun the past couple years.