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Teeks643 Stock Exchange Bonus III: Premium Mega Break & More

Teeks643 Stock Exchange Bonus III: Premium Mega Break & More

Postby teeks643 » 2018-Nov-Thu-09-11


Introducing the Teeks643 Stock Exchange Bonus: Round 3!

Check Updated Stock List Here

In this bonus, 643 Members will have the chance to earn stock in any of the 31 NHL Teams in any Teeks643 Box Break up until the 2017-18 Stanley Cup Champion is crowned. In doing so, stockholders will be able to earn their way into the following bonuses:


Bonus Details: At the end of the playoffs, there will be a FREE Mega Box Break for all majority stockholders. The 643 Members with the highest % of stocks for each team will earn that team for this Premium Bonus Break!

Premium Mega-Break Products:
- 1 Tin of 17-18 Upper Deck The Cup
- 2 Boxes of 16-17 Upper Deck Black
- 1 Box of 17-18 Upper Deck Ultimate
- 1 Box of 17-18 SPx


Bonus Details: When the 2018-19 Stanley Cup Champion is crowned, this prize package will be distributed among ALL stockholders for that team according to their % shares. The majority stockholder for the Cup Champ will earn the grand prize of a limited edition autographed Carey Price jersey. The additional prizes will be distributed according to the % shares.

- Carey Price "Franchise Wins Leaders" Autographed Montreal Canadiens Jersey Limited Edition #27/43
- a Hobby Box of 2016-17 Upper Deck Black with teams distributed according to % share - the more % you own, the more teams you will receive!
PLUS: Each person with at least a 10% share for the Cup Champ will receive an NHL Wild Card for the 2019-20 Teeks643 Hockey Pool

20180913_205719 (1).jpg

How to earn stocks:
There are a number of different ways to earn stocks in every Teeks643 Auction and Buy-it-Now Box Breaks
- Every team that you purchase in a Teeks643 Box Break will automatically earn you 1 stock for that same team
- Grab 3+ Teams in any Teeks643 Box Break to earn an extra stock to allocate to the team of your choice
- At the end of every Teeks643 Auction Break, three teams will be pulled in the Teeks643 “3-Stars” Bonus. Team owners will receive an extra stock for that same team.
- One extra stock is assigned to any winner of the Teeks643 “Light the Lamp” Bonus
- One extra stock is assigned to any winner of the Teeks643 “Breaking Bad” Bonus
- Extra Stocks are available on the 6-4-3 Double Play Bonus Wheel in any Teeks643 Auction Break.
- In every Teeks643 Auction Break, there are three available Extra Stock listings to bid on.
- In every Teeks643 Buy-it-Now Break, there are three available Extra Stock listings to purchase.

* You may assign any extra stocks that you earn throughout the course of each month by posting a message in this thread or emailing indicating how many stocks you would like to allocate to which teams. Extra stocks earned in any given month must be assigned by the 1st of the following month. This prevents anyone from waiting until the very end of the season to cash in on all of their stocks. If I don't hear from someone who has additional stocks, I will allocate them to the best of my knowledge where they should go.

So there you have it!

What will your strategy be...

Make sure that you lay claim to your favourite team for the majority stockholder mega break?
Key on your pick for Stanley Cup Champion to make sure to share in the championship bounty?
Target a number of less popular teams to stockpile extra teams in the mega break?

See you at the Breaks on Sunday & Monday Nights!

Check Updated Stock List Here
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