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PostPosted: 2016-Dec-Fri-06-12
by Bluenoze87
For some of my fill in auctions in December I'm going to simplify the Bonus system, my Thursday's will still remain normal and the Spell N Win will carry through all of them. Here are the two bonuses that I'll mix in and their explanations:


I will create a face out of spacers, each spacer will have a number on the visible side. On the other side of the spacer will be a prize of some sort, Bonus Cards, Rookie Pulls, Mystery Packs, etc. The number of prizes we turn over will be determined by how high the bids go, 1 will be the minimum and the maximum could be ALL! There will be 30 prize spacers. I will use the Bingo Ball machine to determine the prize and the winner. If I pull ball #30 it will be prize #30 and will be awarded to the 30th team on my list (Winnipeg).



During some of my Black Diamond box breaks I will implement the Diamond Collector Bonus. All cards have certain numbers of diamonds on them, you will accumulate the diamonds on the cards (not single diamonds, only "hit cards"). Whoever accumulates the most diamonds will win first place, there will also be a 2nd and 3rd place prize. The prizes will be determined based on the value of the bids. The higher the bids, the better the prizes! It could be anything, boxes of cards, bonus cards, rookie pulls, teams in BIN's or other breaks, etc.