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Thank you, Bryan!

PostPosted: 2016-Sep-Mon-06-09
by teeks643
This place never ceases to amaze me! I got a message from Bryan last night saying thanks to the 643 Breakers for the awesome Trivia over the past few months. He went on to say that since none of the Rookie Anthology cards were of his PC players, I should use the box for packs for my students!!

I love being able to go to class the next day to tell my kids how awesome the card collecting community is that complete strangers who know that I am a teacher gift me cards to give to them.

Thanks so much, Bryan! These cards will surely be put to good use in their packs.


Re: Thank you, Bryan!

PostPosted: 2016-Sep-Mon-08-09
by Mason2
Wow that's really cool Bryan the community is awesome