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Amazing Mail Day from Jack!!

PostPosted: 2016-Apr-Fri-08-04
by teeks643
Just picked up an unexpected parcel from Bummerboy today and when I opened it I was blown away!!


Jack sent me a ton of Jets cards to include in my packs for my students. Rest assured that each and every one of these Jets cards are going to make it into packs for my kids and they are going to be beyond thrilled!

For those that don't know, I teach middle school and ever since my first year teaching I have done prediction contests for every Jets game. I make custom hockey card packs for the winners and it's turned the middle years end of the school into a card collecting madhouse. Check out this post here if you're interested:

Thanks so much, Jack! With Winnipeg being the hometown team, I can NEVER have enough Jets cards. Much appreciated!!

* Jack also included a big skate card for my PC! Canvas too!!

Re: Amazing Mail Day from Jack!!

PostPosted: 2016-Apr-Fri-09-04
by Eldonko
Nice Jack!

Re: Amazing Mail Day from Jack!!

PostPosted: 2016-Apr-Fri-10-04
by Bluenoze87
That's pretty awesome!! 643 members at their best!

Re: Amazing Mail Day from Jack!!

PostPosted: 2016-Apr-Sat-07-04
by Bummerboy
Ty, you're welcome. I have enjoyed the past 5 years I have been on this site. I am retiring May 1 after working in factories for 51 years and am slowly cutting back on buying cards. You're very special to do do this for your kids who will remember you for a long time! Hoping you didn't have this canvas big skate! Jack