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How to Post your Trade or Sale

All trades and sales MUST be posted to this Thread.

How to Post your Trade or Sale

Postby Subterfuge » 2012-Jan-Sun-01-01

The purpose of this forum is to keep track of all the transactions (Trades or Sales) between members. We want to encourage people to buy, sell and trade as much as they feel like but we would like people to do it honestly so this is why we have this forum.

Please note that we enter feedback on completed trades to provide information to members on the trade history of potential trade partners. Beyond that information all we can do is offer advice on how to solve problems that might come up. Unless the trade partner is a 643 Box Breaker, we are not responsible for any issues that may arise.

As soon as you and a fellow member have come to an agreement on a transaction post the details here. Also post how you will ship the card. Example:

Example Thread Title: TRADE (or Sale) Between Username and Username

Person 1 gets:

05-06 Sidney Crosby UD Young Guns RC

Person 2 gets:

05-06 Alexander Ovechkin UD Young Guns RC

Card(s) will be shipped in a bubble mailer, top loader, penney sleeve and a team bag.

Now some trades may seem unbalanced in certain peoples eyes, so if you have any more info to add do it in your trade thread.
Example: I am giving a higher value card because of such and such.

Then the other member will respond if the info is correct and how they will ship the card as well.

When you receive your card post to the thread and when both parties have posted I will lock the thread and post you both to the feedback thread with a +1 for each.
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