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Where I came from and why I love it here!

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Where I came from and why I love it here!

Postby kepper » 2014-Jul-Sun-07-07

Hey all! :D

I want to Thank everyone for welcoming me and making me feel at home. It's only been a few weeks but it's a nice family in here.

I came from a couple large case breaker. For those of you that haven't experienced the difference, let me try and explain.

First and foremost, obviously anyone breaking cases or boxes is doing so to make some profit. It's only fair, it takes a lot of time.

However, at first glance the large case breakers may appear to be a great deal. But be warned; It's a business for them period! I came from several large breakers and found the following similarities.

1.) They treat the cards badly. Both in breaking, top loading if applicable, and shipping. If you get a beautiful MacK auto patch and you think you are going to send this off to be graded... Hopefully you like 7's, 8's and 9's. Again, the quicker they get the job done the more $$$ they make.
a.) obviously some cards just wont grade well. But from experience, reviewing the videos. The cards that were held in front of the camera did not look like the cards I received. That tells me somewhere in the top-loading, packaging process damage occurs. (Again, I am talking about large case breaker NOT 643.)

2.) Most everyone in the lobby were also in the "business". Most people I found buying the breaking slots in were just e-bay resellers. Not collectors. Nothing wrong with that I guess, however I like trading options. The one thing I always found funny was that one of the big breakers couldn't even pronounce the "great" Yzerman correctly. I know hockey players names may be hard to pronounce, particularly new or not well know players, But hall of Famer Yzerman! Maybe just a pet peeve, but found it sad.

3.) They took good old time shipping. Volume Volume Volume

4.) The final straw for me. Missing cards! In all honesty I do not think they ever did this intentionally. Everyone makes mistakes, but this happened way too often. The generally made it right, however, if a card is missing, it's missing. So imagine getting a low print beautiful patch/auto of your favorite player. As a collector you are sick. I want the card, not the going rate value. And just an FYI, you have to discover this not them. Completely long and drawn out process.

5.) So what I did was, call and have all my future breaks refunded and brought myself here :) So I got a big pile of hockey money. I can't say I will always be as active as I am right now... Because I have a collecting budget, but it will be spent here.

Please don't ask me the name of the Breakers... I don't like to say anything bad about someone else's business. These were my personal experiences, not everyone may have had the same. That is my legal Disclaimer :vomit

Look for a guy that cant say Yzerman. That's one :rofl

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Re: Where I came from and why I love it here!

Postby kepper » 2014-Jul-Sun-08-07


I forgot to post why I love it here.

Quite simple.

1.) Family Atmosphere
2.) Cards treated well and shipped well.
3.) Love the games, promos, and general fun.
4.) Low cost buy ins. Even if you miss, somewhere along the line the contests make up for it.
5.) Trading offers. I wish I could tell you guys what I had, I am going through as quickly as I can and organizing. I'll have want and trades up as soon as possible.
6.) Hockey Lovers!
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Re: Where I came from and why I love it here!

Postby Subterfuge » 2014-Jul-Sun-08-07

lol yeah, im not a fan of the "Industry" breakers either, we are glad to have ya and you fit right in so far
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Re: Where I came from and why I love it here!

Postby Eldonko » 2014-Jul-Sun-08-07

Well said, welcome man, great to have you. :)
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Re: Where I came from and why I love it here!

Postby teeks643 » 2014-Jul-Sun-11-07

Really glad that you found us Kepper. You appreciate all of the things that we as Breakers at 643 stand for and standards that we have set for ourselves! Welcome aboard.

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Re: Where I came from and why I love it here!

Postby peanut » 2014-Jul-Mon-03-07

first off welcome :)

I was lucky in that Mike (Subterfuge) "rescued" me from ebay early on in my breaking "career". I was instantly impressed with his first break to see him handling the cards with gloves and yes I agree with your pet peeve actually pronouncing the players names right and I have been here ever since. I'm really!! curious to know who these others are? if you won't say maybe someone else who "caught the ball" can PM me the answer :)

p.s I collect Detroit Red WIngs after you get things sorted out and my trading page is in my signature
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