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Quality Control

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Quality Control

Postby teeks643 » 2012-Jun-Tue-07-06

The Box Breakers at 643 want our site to be an enjoyable, trouble free experience for everyone. We have very strict guidelines that all Breakers need to abide by on how a break needs to conducted and how cards need to be shipped.

If any 643 Members have an issue with a breaker (if you got a poorly shipped item, you don't like the way something happened during a break, or if you have any problem at all) I would like you to send me a private message or an email with the details so we can address the situation and improve on it. This goes for any past issues you may wish to report. I understand that it's not always comfortable to speak to the Breaker that you have a problem with directly, but I want everyone to feel alright with sending me a message and knowing that I will do everything I can to take care of it.

Now of course, there are some things you may not like that are simply a matter of opinion or taste (You don't like someone's voice, a certain bonus, a gross moustache, etc). These situations are why we love having a great variety of Breakers on the site, to provide you with options.

The most important things to me when running a website like this is that it is a safe place for everyone to enjoy collecting hockey cards together, that others are treated with respect, and that everyone enjoys it to the fullest extent!

Also, if anyone has an issue with any of my box breaks, please approach PJ (Bluenoze87) with your concerns.

Thanks everyone!
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