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Let's talk: Olympic Hockey

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Let's talk: Olympic Hockey

Postby JR0B13 » 2014-Jan-Fri-09-01

A lot of controversy over the newly released USA mens hockey team.
What do you think of their roster, and should they have found a spot for Ryan, Yandle, and Johnson?

Here is the official Roster link:

To me it seems like the "Go-To" guy was a good skater who can handle the big ice with a physical edge.
Bobby Ryan to me is a ONLY top 6 player. He is a RW, so he would have had to steal a spot from Kessel and Patty Kane in my opinion to have a spot.

Every NHL team would be lucky to have a guy like Yandle on their Blue-Line, but if you were sending team Canada down the ice, would you really want Yandle there??? I think he would be great on the PP for team USA, but I think they made the right choice in going a little more bigger and physical on the point. You just have to assume mnajority of the play will be on 5on5. I would think Suter and Shatenkirk would be top PP unit anyways. Lefty and Righty.

I would have maybe liked to see Johnson in Faulk's spot, but overall i think Team USA is well balanced for both 5on5 and special teams, and will definately be putting their opponents to work even though they left out some big names.
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Re: Let's talk: Olympic Hockey

Postby felixvictoria » 2014-Feb-Thu-04-02

:clap GOLD MEDAL :clap CONGRATS TO WOMENS HOCKEY TEAM CANADA :nanner :nanner WAY TO GO. Come from behind... 2-0....At start of 3rd period, we score a goal, then in last seconds we tie the game. What an overtime...ref gets in the way of a Canadian player and results in shot by American going down the long ice, to empty net, and Hits the Post. :smack Then in overtime it was 3 on 3 due to penalties and then we should have had a penalty shot, but only a minor was called. This meant Cda got one more player on the ice & it was 4 players for Cda to 3 for US. And we SCORED. What jubilation. :humantorch :humantorch WAY TO GO CANADA :crown :crown :crown :crown
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