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Golnut77777's Traders

Forum for posting cards for sale/trade. When a deal is struck please post your trade or sale in the Transactions area.

Golnut77777's Traders

Postby Golfnut77777 » 2016-Apr-Sat-12-04

Hello Everyone,

As part of me trying to buy a house with my wife, I figured I might want to sell all the cards that I have that are not considered PC cards. Here is my photobucket of these cards. ... t=3&page=0

These cards are for sale or trade.

I have sorted all the cards and put them into their respective teams. This is not all the cards that I have, as there area about 500 more cards that I need to take pictures of but I don't think my photo bucket has room for them.

All these cards will eventually be listed on ebay for sale, but I thought I would give all the people of 643 a chance at these cards before I go to ebay. Look through, let me know what you want and make me an offer. I am pretty much open to anything as I want to get this out of the house (the more cards that leave the house, the happier my wife will be!)

I collect Avalanche cards and mostly just Duchene, but I will trade for other Avs cards as well, as long as they are still with the Avs and they are cards I don't have. Don't offer me 30 Avalanche cards worth $1 each for one card that is worth $50. I won't make a deal like that. Try and make the offers even if possible.

Here is the link: ... t=3&page=0
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