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PC's and Favourite teams

Forum for posting cards for sale/trade. When a deal is struck please post your trade or sale in the Transactions area.

Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby flyerstakedown716 » 2013-Apr-Thu-06-04

Teams - Sabres(mostly older but prospects too) Flyers(90s or older)

Players - Don't really havea PC but I like any odd cards like the 12/13 spgu net card, stick cards, name plates, letters.
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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby askpiper » 2013-Apr-Sun-11-04

So... We collect ex Winterhawks, which most recently means our top PC's are 1) Ryan Johansen and 2) Sven Baertschi

TJ collects Blackhawks, but not like oober collects, just a passing interest.

LilP (Phenex) collects the Yotes (thus the name) and shiney cards like Pinnacle rookies.

We all pick on TJ with Jeff Carter, but I doubt he would agree to a trade involving anything.
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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby dyana6969 » 2013-Apr-Sun-11-04

Teams: Nucks and Ducks..

PC: Burrows.. Luc Bourdon.. The Twins.. (any nuck card makes me happy though)

working on completing base sets.. and collecting any mem/auto cards.. or inserts.. pretty much if its a card.. i want it unless i have it already.. ;)

Im also starting to collect anything that has to do with the Canucks.. Gonna start on my sons room to turn it into a Nucks room..
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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby TheRealKennedy » 2013-May-Fri-01-05

Well I collect all Blackhawks cards mostly Kane and Toews

Also I PC Oliver Ekman Larsson as well and Jordan Eberle and Jordan Caron
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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby oxmav3rickxo » 2013-May-Tue-12-05

PC: New York Rangers
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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby Sweeneyman » 2013-May-Tue-10-05

PC's: Lars Eller, John Tavares, Anze Kopitar, Alex Galchenyuk

A bit of Subban, Hall too but the primary are those above
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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby Djandellasmommy » 2013-Jun-Mon-06-06

This was such an awesome idea!!!

My PCs are:
Larsson (I have most of his cards from trying to collect the whole Henrique set!)

I'm trying to complete my Titanium GWG base set, and I need:
Carey Price
Ryanne Clowe
Jonathan Toews

I also have most of the New Wave Autos

Favorite teams:
LA Kings and the Bruins for my son (just an FYI - he picked the Kings to win the Stanley Cup last year before the playoffs started - and he has picked the Bruins to win this year. He's only 4 - but he's a pretty good guesser! Lol He also picked the NJD vs the LAK for the Finals last year and the Blackhawks vs the Bruins for this year's finals!)
I'm looking for Henrique cards. Let me know if you want to trade! Here is the beginning, not at all organized to my satisfaction Photobucket. At least it's something for now!
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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby Hammond11ca » 2013-Jun-Mon-09-06

My favorite team is the Leafs,
Collect any and all leafs!

I also collect on card auto's
and 8x10 autos with a coa

I currently have a very massive PC of Adam Henrique, i am thinking of blowing it up, and i know many on here collect him. I have almost every one other then the 1/1's some real gems in the PC i will post pictures of the collection and will be open for trade or sale.

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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby piranha_guy_dan » 2013-Jul-Wed-05-07

PC: Sidney Crosby
Wayne Gretzky
Nazem Kadri
Nathan Mackinnon
Connor McDavid
Morgan Rielly
Frederik Gauthier
Jonathan Drouin
Zachary Fucale
Young Guns Rookies
12/13 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Future stars Jersey Auto /24

I prefer uncommon cards..... Serial numbered, Jersey, Patch, Auto, other memorabilia cards.
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Re: PC's and Favourite teams

Postby soccertaz » 2013-Jul-Mon-07-07

Favorite team: Chicago Blackhawks

Recently Started PC: Patrick Sharp

Plus rookie cards from all players and all years and any awesome jersey cards or autograph cards.
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