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Fantasy Site Options

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Fantasy Site Options

Postby teeks643 » 2018-Sep-Sat-09-09

Does anyone know of a great hockey pool site that I could use for this year's Teeks643 Hockey Pool Bonus?

I wanted to go to Yahoo last year, but they had a limit of # of teams that you can add, so that wasn't an option.

Pick Up Hockey (the one that I've used the last two years) is nice because of the ease of the Admin being able to add/drop players for the users, but it's not great on the front end, for visuals, etc.

I'm looking for something with:

a) nice front end, easy for users to check out the standings
b) no cap on # of teams (I usually need at least 20-25)
c) full access for the Admin to make quick roster changes for teams

This all being said, maybe it would be nice if the users themselves could make the changes. That would make a ton less work for me at the end of each month. As long as I can see the transaction logs, I can keep an eye on everything that it fits within the rules.

Thanks for any input.
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Re: Fantasy Site Options

Postby Subterfuge » 2018-Sep-Sat-03-09

my brothers work uses nothing too fancy but it gets the job done last i saw it, i prefered pickup hockey as it had more real time scoring but i think the office one may be better now as its grown quite a bit last few years
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