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Stupidest Ebay Listings

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Re: Stupidest Ebay Listings

Postby Hensler » 2017-Jun-Wed-02-06

There are no stupid ebay listings. Only stupid buyers!
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Re: Stupidest Ebay Listings

Postby Bluenoze87 » 2017-Jun-Wed-01-06

Hensler wrote:There are no stupid ebay listings. Only stupid buyers!

Bahaha, what is this all about?
My eBay page, if I have anything listed?!?!
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Re: Stupidest Ebay Listings

Postby teeks643 » 2017-Jul-Mon-10-07

Not a stupid listing, but you gotta love buying $200 worth of cards from a seller on eBay and they arrive packaged only in soft sleeves and not a top loader in sight (they were shipped in a cardboard box protector, but still). This lot included $25 and $30 cards that were only protected by a soft sleeve. What is the additional 25 cents shipping per card for if not for the price of a top loader to protect it?

I paid $20 for tracked shipping for a parcel that cost $12.47 in postage, and now I have to use $7 worth of my own toploaders on top of that? Bruuuuuutal.

/end rant.
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Re: Stupidest Ebay Listings

Postby johnnycanuck3 » 2017-Jul-Mon-07-07

lennoxmatt wrote:Saw this one shared on Facebook, Mike would love it


OK...that is the absolutely best "stupid thing" from eBay ever!!!! The one where the bidder thought God wanted him to buy the!
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