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Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby teeks643 » 2013-Aug-Sat-10-08

Thanks Shane,

We took Felix into Vancouver Children's Hospital this week and he had an ultrasound done to check out his heart. The days leading up to the appt we were not overly stressed out about it because when Stefanie had an appointment with her regular doctor, he listened to the murmur and kind of thought it was silly that they'd even send us in to get it checked out. He was not overly concerned about it which but our minds at ease for the time being.

After the ultrasound in Vancouver they had him scheduled for an EKG that same morning, but when they checked out the results they just cancelled the EKG. The Dr said that the hole was indeed very small, and since it was nowhere near a valve there was absolutely no danger to Felix at all. He said that there was a great chance that the hole is just going to close itself as Felix grows, and even if it doesn't, there is no way that it is ever going to affect him. So prayers answered!!

When I was sitting in the waiting room though, it was really tough to meet the various other families coming in with children with serious heart problems. I met some pretty amazing parents, and It really makes you extremely thankful for the things you have. As well as making you want to do something to help those families that go through health issues with their kids. I can't imagine many more things that would be more difficult to live through.
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby Bluenoze87 » 2013-Aug-Sat-10-08

That's great news Ty! We are at the Children's hospital every other month for Nash's regular appointments and it's so hard to see all the other children. It really makes us feel so blessed that such huge strides have been made to make Nash's condition so manageable when there are so many other parents dealing with much worse. Just so happy Felix is well!
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby shanedawg2k12 » 2013-Aug-Sat-11-08

Yup, that is great news!! Thanks for keeping us updated Ty!!
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby Shawn198977 » 2013-Aug-Sat-11-08

Glad to hear that Felix will be fine. :nanner

My 17yr old daughter was diagnosed 6 years ago with a small tear in her heart (Mitral Valve Prolapse)and she's had no side effects having to do with the tear. (KNOCK ON WOOD) But every 3-5 yrs, I have to take her to a heart specialist- just to make sure nothing has changed.
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby Dougster » 2013-Sep-Tue-11-09

So, was he named after Felix Potvin? Are you going to give him the nickname of "The Cat"? ;)

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