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Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby piranha_guy_dan » 2013-Aug-Fri-09-08

Congrats Ty!!! Cute lil guy :) Next great Leafs goaltender in the making :P
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby flyerstakedown716 » 2013-Aug-Sat-07-08

piranha_guy_dan wrote:Congrats Ty!!! Cute lil guy :) Next great Leafs goaltender in the making :P

Let the kid live a stress free life and don't have him a leafs fan haha. Congrats :)
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby Shawn198977 » 2013-Aug-Sat-07-08

Congrats Ty and Stephanie!!

I agree with Dan. We will see the new "Felix the Cat" in the net for the Leafs in 18 yrs. :)
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby Djandellasmommy » 2013-Aug-Sun-08-08

Congrats again Ty! He's perfect!!!
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby Bummerboy » 2013-Aug-Mon-08-08

Congratulations to you and your wife! Also to Felix's big brother! Felix looks great! How is your wife feeling, well, I hope.
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby JehRoss » 2013-Aug-Tue-04-08

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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby teeks643 » 2013-Aug-Tue-09-08

Thanks everyone!! This little guy has brought nothing but joy so far.

We did find out just before we left the hospital that Felix has a hole in between the chambers of his heart. The doctor discovered this when he heard a third sound in his heartbeat (he called it a "murmur"). He said it was a high frequency sound, indicating that the hole was small, but he said that that could change at any given moment. He did say that if he was overly concerned with it, he would have the cardiologist come check Felix and they would keep us at the hospital longer, but that was not the case. He said that sometimes something like this could close on its own, or he could simply live with it and it will never bother him. He did give us things to look out for in the coming days that would indicate the hole got bigger, or that his heart was not functioning properly, in which case we'd need to take Felix to emergency immediately. We have an appointment set up at the Children's Hospital on Monday to have an ultrasound done.

We're praying all is well, which I'm sure it will be. So far he has been a hoot!

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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby All4Kines » 2013-Aug-Wed-10-08

Many, Many Congrats to you and your family...your all in our thoughts and prayers!!!
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby Dougster » 2013-Aug-Thu-04-08


Currently looking for Teemu Selanne (Jets) and other Jets - Pavalec, Kane, Scheiffle, Ladd, and Burmistrov. If you have any, leave me a PM & tell me what you're looking for & I'll get back to you.
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Re: Newest Member of 643 Has Arrived!

Postby shanedawg2k12 » 2013-Aug-Sat-12-08

Hey Ty, I never congratulated you on the forums, but didn't hear about the heart murmur/hole. My nephew had the same thing and did have surgery to fix it around the time he was 6 months old.

I know for my sister & her husband, they saw that their son wasn't developing very quickly, he was pretty small still after all that time. I think, at 11, he's still shorter than my son (10).

The great thing about babies, though, is their amazing strength to get through these things. Definitely keep us updated, though!! :D

I should admit I almost did a big no-no. We drove by your family out for a walk one day and I almost honked the horn to get your attention. Mama bear would have had a cranky baby... glad I though it through!! :blackeye
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