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tom & piper are retiring from breaking

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tom & piper are retiring from breaking

Postby tomschepker » 2013-Jul-Wed-03-07

Hey all,

So for those who missed my break last night…..we’re done with hockey auctions. We’ve pulled all our hockey auctions going forward and don’t have any plans on returning to them (ever). We will be running the remainder of the hockey product that we have on hand as BINs and then we will officially retire from breaking hockey products (and quite possibly altogether).

I would like to thank all of you, new and old for all the support that you have given us here.

For those that don’t know or weren’t around, we were brought onboard to break originally as baseball breakers. Both Teeks and myself shared (and still do) a vision of bringing more baseball breaks to the site; we were never brought into the site as hockey breakers. What started out as us substituting for Teeks and Jerry (way back when) developed into what I thought was something very special and quite unique. We’d like to thank all of you for allowing us the privilege of breaking boxes for you (and with you).

I do want to make a few things clear so that speculation doesn’t run “wild”.

1(A). We are “retiring” from hockey breaks. This isn’t some veiled attempt at opening our own site or telling you to go somewhere else to buy into breaks. I stand 100% behind this site and what I believe its mission to be-provide the best break possible at the lowest cost while providing an atmosphere that is both family friendly and accepting of any and all who may care to join us.

1(B). We’re not running away, we’re not going into hiding, I’m not taking Piper and joining some crazy Blackhawks loving cult. You’ll probably see us around, just not running auctions and not online as much as in the past. We’ll probably even be in breaks still, though in a reduced fashion from the quantity we are in now.

1(C). Why? Simply put, there is no really simple answer. We’ve lost money every auction we have done since the 300th celebratory break, we don’t have the financial resources to eat losses on a regular basis like this. Shipping in the US has become a bleep (and is only going to get worse).

Perhaps most importantly, Piper and I are grad students and we have to graduate. Piper must be done by the beginning of spring term and I have to be out by the beginning of summer term. As it is now, its not going to be easy-much less so continuing at the pace we are now.

2. We may continue doing baseball breaks. I just don’t know at this juncture whether or not that its reasonable or feasible for us. I consider this my greatest failure in that we were never able to develop those breaks beyond my initial ventures.

3. No one had any idea this was coming until after our auctions closed tonight. Infact, this will probably surprise the heck out of the other breaker/admins on the site since there is no corresponding admin section post covering post suits all for this matter, IMO.

Piper and I have been discussing this for some time now but had not mentioned a word about the time frame we had set to anyone, including other breakers. It honestly seemed, under the totality of circumstances at this point that it was a natural point for us to walk away from the breaking side of this hobby such as it is and leave this site better off than it was when we got here (IMO).

4. I have locked this thread. Its not meant to be a sob story or up for discussion, just information FWIW.

We wish all of you the best both now and in the future…..

tom & piper
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