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Little Hockey Pool help?

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Little Hockey Pool help?

Postby shanedawg2k12 » 2013-May-Thu-11-05

My keeper league is in the off-season and I'm seriously looking at moving Chara and going younger. One team owner is offering me the following for Zdeno:
* 2nd round draft pick (16 team league, works out to 32nd overall).
* One of Jonathan Blum, Shane Prince, Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, or Alex Burmistrov.

The way I see it:
Blum: Has yet to make an offensive impact on the Predators despite having the "upside." He's on the main roster and isn't eligible for my reserve list due to his age.

Prince: Seems to have played decently in the AHL this past season, but there are concerns about his size. He'sa got years before he could have an opportunity to play big minutes for the Senators. He's 9th on the depth chart for his position. Honestly, I have no idea who he is or how good he might be. high-risk pick

Paajarvi-Svensson: Currently good for about 30 points a season, which would make him my bottom forward. He is 2nd for his position for Edmonton's depth chart and they're going to be a talented team for quite a few years still. As long he can buy into MacTavish's system, he has an opportunity to shine. Low-to-moderate risk pick/

Burmistrov: VERY young guy who could stick it out on my reserve (farm) list for a few more years before I'm forced to bring him up (due to age --or earlier due to hitting a season points of 60). He's not ready for prime time quite yet and may never be due to his size. High-risk pick

Part of the key here is the 32nd overall pick. There are a number of really good players still remaining by the 3rd, so I could easily get a 40-point rental guy at the very least, if not another prospect for later. Last year, I took Saad 42nd overall.

Thoughts? I know some of you have opinions, so love to hear them!! :)
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Re: Little Hockey Pool help?

Postby tomschepker » 2013-May-Fri-10-05 response would kind of depend on a variety of factors including:

scoring categories
format: (H to H vs. Roto)
your current roster plus reserves, or more specifically your analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and needs.
what position you finished in last year (and how that bears on whether or not you need a quick plug or a long term fix).
how often you are allowed to make roster moves (do you adjust lineup daily/weekly/whatever).
what is the total player count per position on starting rosters in your league.

But, really aside from all that.....

My inclination is to tell you to take none of those players offered and ask for another draft pick if you make this deal. I dislike the thought of giving away what I would guess is a starting D man on your roster for a pick and what IMO appears to be a marginal prospect. Alot of this depends on how scoring is done in your league, but I place a high value on D men.

Paajarvi the pirate would be my first choice....but goodness only knows whats going to happen moving forward on the edmonton fail machine. I'd hesitate to take anything but a top 6 forward from the oil at this point as I imagine they will be retooling again if only just a could be a REAL issue here.

Burmistrov may be your next best option of those listed but young forwards are not that hard to find IMO and IMO the Jets are going backwards not forwards.....

Blum is the mystery. NO clue on which way that guy is headed. People LOVE him, people think he's overrated and won't be much as a pro. Your guess is as good as mine.

Prince I would say is the worst option. Ottawa is loaded with more highly touted prospects. I don't follow that franchise but I can think of 6 easily more talented prospects in the pipe at forward that are younger and had better stats before turning pro, not to mention all the juniors prospects they still have......IMO he's an AHL/ECHL lifer if he stays with Ottawa.
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Re: Little Hockey Pool help?

Postby Eldonko » 2013-May-Fri-11-05

I would also try and get another pick or try and squeeze a 1st rounder. Or a 2nd and a 3rd even.
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Re: Little Hockey Pool help?

Postby shanedawg2k12 » 2013-May-Fri-11-05

Thanks TJ!

I'm leaning toward keeping Chara as this was the best offer I got for him. Although I am in the midst of a negotiation with Chara packaged up in a deal for Malkin. I don't expect that to go anywhere anytime soon.

We have a weekly HTH match-up where we start 6 F, 4 D, and 1 G. The top 8 scoring teams make the playoffs, while the bottom 8 go into a playout (aptly called "The Toilet Bowl"). The top 3 teams through 3 playoff rounds are the money winners.

In the 3 seasons the league has been running, I've finished in points 1st, 2nd, and this year 6th, respectively (goalie points were my biggest weakness this season: Quick was off-form for the majority of the shortened season and Luongo was playing for the wrong team --don't get me started on that one). In the playoffs, I've finished 3rd, 1st, and 4th, respectively.

My team roster:
    Matt Duchene
    Cody Hodgson
    Matt Moulson
    Michael Ryder
    Henrik Sedin
    Patrick Sharp
    Joe Thornton
    Colin Wilson
    Travis Zajac
    Brent Burns
    Zdeno Chara
    Tim Erixon
    Cody Franson
    Maxim Goncharov
    John-Michael Liles
    Stephane Robidas
    Marc Staal
    Roberto Luongo
    Jonathan Quick
Reserve "Farm" list:
    Joel Armia, F
    Filip Forsberg, F
    Brandon Saad, F
    Jack Campbell, G

One of my big challenges is, we have a Player Protection Deadline where we can only protect 12 players on our main roster (and 4 on the reserve list). Most likely candidates for me to drop: Ryder, Sharp, & Wilson for F and Erixon, Goncharov, Robidas, & Staal on D. I may drop Zajac instead of Sharp, though. Ouch.
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