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Gudbranson Patch collection /10

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Gudbranson Patch collection /10

Postby dnldwd » 2014-Mar-Thu-04-03

Looking for the 2 top pieces of this patch collection.
The bottom left card was won as the "nancy" prize in Mike's cash darts. The right side was acquired on fee bay. I know the top left patch recently sold on ebay and am trying to get in touch with the buyer. I think I saw the upper right patch (with the palm tree top) pulled live on 643 around mid December, or so.
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Re: Gudbranson Patch collection /10

Postby Chappy84 » 2014-Mar-Thu-06-03

You should PM Shawnferris on here. He had the entire set put together and then started piecing it out.


Good luck!
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